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  Sander Snel 5125f7419d fix 1 day ago
  Sander Snel aa8179f923 merge 1 day ago
  ThibG f1597e1ab9
Merge pull request #1158 from ThibG/glitch-soc/merge-upstream 2 days ago
  Lady Lumb 19c3a941e8 Added max search results var to sample env 1 month ago
  Lady Lumb 0ed0c77266 Add env variable to control search limit 1 month ago
  Sander Snel 593e3ad498 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 055450bc02 Merge branch 'master' into glitch-soc/merge-upstream 3 days ago
  ThibG c37c1da41e Disallow numeric-only hashtags (#11363) 3 days ago
  ThibG 650459f93c Fix some flash notices/alerts staying on unrelated pages (#11364) 3 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 86d4461948 Fix HTML entities being encoded as hashtag links… 3 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 249b7c7c12 Fix filtering behaviors 3 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 3407ae8683 Fix sanitizer text case for glitch-soc, which preserves lists 3 days ago
  ThibG 490cf3aa03 [Glitch] Add ActivityPub actor representing the entire server 4 days ago
  Eugen Rochko bf3ab44e77 Remove Atom feeds and old URLs in the form of `GET /:username/updates/:id` 2 weeks ago
  Thibaut Girka 249991c498 Merge branch 'master' into glitch-soc/merge-upstream 3 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 6867a0beb5 Bump strong_migrations from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1 (#11307) 3 days ago
  Eugen Rochko aa22b38fdb
Change single-column mode to scroll the whole page (#11359) 3 days ago
  ThibG 4fa6472523 Fix avatar animation on hover when not logged in (#11349) 3 days ago
  koyu 8df0022e66 Added logout to dropdown menu (#11353) 3 days ago
  ThibG fda437a020 Fix sanitizing lists contents (#11354) 4 days ago
  ThibG 730c4053d6 Add ActivityPub actor representing the entire server (#11321) 4 days ago
  Sander Snel f542097780 Trying to fix crash 4 days ago
  Sander Snel de1adc826b new stuff 4 days ago
  Thibaut Girka f170e0492f Fix timestamp display in boost/fav modals in RTL locales 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 4c28511e4e Fixups 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 45cee95b14 Public pages RTL fixes 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka c1752b238f Unfiy status__prepend with upstream 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka b021efdefe RTL fixes 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 964c78c118 Fix some SCSS for RTL behavior 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 4199f7fd87 Minor fixup 5 days ago
  Eugen Rochko b743308928 [Glitch] Fix RTL layout of status display names 9 months ago
  Masoud Abkenar bcaea5a9e9 [Glitch] RTL: fix settings button margins in column headers 10 months ago
  Thibaut Girka fabfa90e6c Make width breakpoint for removing margins consistent and match upstream 4 days ago
  Eugen Rochko 15c7478c55
Change Dockerfile to bind to instead of docker-compose.yml (#11351) 4 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 20520e6158 When cleaning up remote statuses, keep bookmarked ones 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 6ff285d948 Fix *another* typo and crash in StatusIcons 4 days ago
  Thibaut Girka a2df11ebaf Fix typo and crash in StatusIcons 4 days ago
  Eugen Rochko 84e988479e
Fix only one middle dot being recognized in hashtags (#11345) 4 days ago
  Eugen Rochko 4906cabc6b
Add aac, m4a, 3gp to allowed audio formats (#11342) 4 days ago
  Eugen Rochko 5bfe1e1f05
Change language detection to include hashtags as words (#11341) 4 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 3a6fe657ba Bump rack-attack from 6.0.0 to 6.1.0 (#11313) 5 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] cbd7748961 Bump rubocop-rails from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 (#11308) 5 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 7cc98eba28 Bump puma from 3.12.1 to 4.0.1 (#11306) 5 days ago
  ThibG 87f4aea52a Fix typo in StatusPolicy (#11344) 5 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 46687a3cbd Shorten status icon tooltip text 6 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 572009cf56 Add status icon for local-only toots 6 days ago
  Thibaut Girka 7db7cb31b1 Add tooltips to status icons 6 days ago
  ThibG 7e2b6da57f Add setting to disable the anti-spam (#11296) 5 days ago
  Eugen Rochko fccd25cf53
Change terms and privacy policy pages to always be accessible (#11334) 5 days ago
  ThibG 873828ad2d Fix custom CSS controller (#11336) 5 days ago